Other Giving Funds

Field of Interest Fund

Field of Interest Funds are for those with an interest in supporting a particular area for field of ministry or charity beyond the scope of a Capstone Givers Fund. While the giver names the specific Field of Interest, the Capstone Board of Directors, as a 501(c)(3), establishes a fund most closely associated with the giver's intent.

Designated Fund

A giver may name one or more specific organization to share the income from their fund and receive annual distributions. This designated fund can come from any available assets.

Memorial Fund

Remembering a loved one can turn into a legacy with this fund. This can be used to support non-profits, ministries, issues and scholarships.

Education/Scholarship Fund

Givers may endow scholarship funds that make awards to benefit a certain category of student, a specific institution, or to encourage study of a particular subject.

Community Fund

The general purpose funds are used to meet out region's changing and emerging ministry needs. Under the supervision of Capstone Foundation, the undesignated funds are used to support the work in local communities. Like Field of Interest Funds, grants from Unrestricted Funds are generally limited to the local community.

Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is an enhanced type of giving fund in which Capstone takes additional responsibility to ensure that the intent of your fund is carried out faithfully, either during your lifetime or beyond. 

There are many types of funds that be used for any type of project, charity, ministry, community or activity.