Capstone Givers Fund

Capstone offers personalized boutique service to simplify charitable giving for individuals and families. One offering is called a Capstone Givers Fund which is a Personal or Family Foundation, is directed by you, the giver. This means that the giver advises where the funds will be go and to which type of charities or issues.

The Capstone Givers Fund allows you to achieve maximum tax savings advantages while at the same time guaranteeing that your donations are used for what you and your family care about. Capstone is committed to preserving your original intent in setting up your planned giving.

A Capstone Givers Fund is easy to set up, with virtually no major upfront fees. It is completely turn-key and it is professionally managed and headache-free. Capstone handles everything, from paperwork to taxes, to the distribution of funds to your favorite charities. 

With a Capstone  Givers Fund, you enjoy privacy, security, and peace-of-mind knowing that you have made a wise choice in managing your assets for the Kingdom. A Capstone Givers Fund also helps reduce the risk that could be incurred by making an administrative mistake with another type of foundation outside of Capstone. Whether you are seeking to set up thousands or millions of dollars in a foundation, a Capstone Givers Fund is an ideal vehicle for you.

While Capstone can accommodate the wealthiest of donors, you need not be a multi-millionaire to have your own foundation. Setting up your Personal Foundation requires only a two page application. 

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Capstone Givers Fund Benefits

Giving Funds, (or Donor Advised Funds), are the fastest growing charitable giving vehicle in the country, providing individuals and organizations with a highly effective and customizable tool for creating a charitable giving legacy.

Capstone Legacy Foundation provides givers with tailored services to make their giving as enjoyable and effective as possible.

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Capstone Givers Fund

Your Personal Foundation can be set up in a single day, and it only requires a two-page application.