Imagine If...

Imagine if your assets could provide clean water or food for the needy. 
Imagine if you could turn jewelry into cash to combat human trafficking. 
Imagine if your real estate could create funds for hospitals and doctors. 
Imagine if you could save more taxes, make giving easier and more purposeful. 
Imagine if your generosity became a legacy that would echo into eternity?

...Capstone’s experts can show you how

Success Stories

"Too many times through the years, I found myself faced with donating a last minute gift or accepting more tax liability. I wanted my giving to be more intentional and less urgent. Using the experts at Capstone has simplified the Planned giving process and maximized the impact of my donation."  

-Business Owner, Philadelphia PA

"I need my planned giving to benefit the charities of my choice in the biggest way possible and provide me with the least tax liability possible. Capstone helps make that happen."

-Widower, New Jersey NJ